Fast Track Training in Microsoft Office 2016

A must have quick-start training course for MS Office.

Duration: 32 hours. Course Fees: $400

The schedule and high level overview of the topics are included below. You may register online or call us at (248) 233 6104 to register. Send us your questions, comments and suggestions. Contact us

Microsoft Excel 2016:

Introduction: Getting started with Excel
Excel Workbooks, Worksheets, File types and Printing options
Excel Functions, Calculations and Formulae for Purchasing, Finance and Management Reporting
Making sense with Excel Data: FIltering, Sorting, Data Lookups and more.
How to effectively use Excel Charts. Different types of Charts and options.
Linking across Excel Worksheets and Workbooks
Productivity Tips and Tricks

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016:

Introduction: Getting Started with Powerpoint. Create impressive Presentations
Understanding Key Elements of Powerpoint: Slides, Clipart, Word Art, Text, Tables, Charts, Pictures, transitions and more
Themes and Master Slides
Graphics and Multimedia: Adding sound, Video and creating Cool Animations
3 D Effects and creating High Impact Presentations
Tips and Tricks for making the most of MS Powerpoint

Microsoft Word 2016:

Introduction: Getting Started with Microsoft Word 2016
Using Themes and Styles along with font, text, paragraph formatting
Document Formating: Headers/Footers, Page numbers and Hyperlinks
Auto Populate Table of Contents and Indexes
Working with footnotes, citations, captions, Track changes and add comments
Advanced Topics that will help you increase your personal productivity using Word 2016